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Auto Craft Body Shop, the Willys Truck Warehouse, is here to help with your Willys Truck or wagon restoration. Willys Truck Warehouse keeps a good inventory of used OEM parts for both trucks and wagons from 1946-1963.  Give us a try for that hard to find part.  We can also repair and rebuild most body parts.  Auto Craft has been building and repairing old Willys, as well as other makes and models for over 35 years.

If you're looking for high quality and personal service, you've come to the right place. At Auto Craft we’ll give you the attention and personal service you'll come to expect and enjoy.
"My wife is really happy that I've finally finished that 48 willys truck project . I'm definitely going back!"

Kirk Cardoza
.Willys Truck Warehouse
Yard Dog 1948 Willys 4X4 Flatbed.  Its rough exterior shows its character.  This is one truck that could tell some stories.  But don't let its rough look fool you.  Its 4 cyl. L head engine runs like new.  Its very original and intact interior all still work and look good too.  Yard Dog is certainly man's best friend here at Willys Truck Warehouse.
Take a look at the About us page  for more of what we can do to help. with parts repair   used parts   and willys door handle and lock repair  rekey recode

Willys Truck Wharehouse  4x4 Wheeling video  My old four wheel drive 
Willys Rehabilitation Project - This old Willys truck had been sitting in the yard for a few years; good old four wheel drive truck for the most part complete, but engine was toast and had been sitting for years. Was last on the road in 1988. In need of much going through and repairs including replacement of engine brake and fuel systems to say the least. This old four wheel drive needed to be saved and put back out there on the trail again. So, I had this idea after this crazy world we live where everyone moves too fast ended up putting my son in the hospital for month and many more months recovering and rehabilitating himself I thought this old Willys would be a great occupational therapy rehab project.  Both him and the old Willys would benefit from this project, and at the same time, having fun. So I started bringing my son to work with me.  We hooked the truck up to the old Willys tow truck and pulled it in the shop and went to work.  Nice to have lots of Willys parts on hand, as we had to fix or work on almost everything. Although we are far from done, in a few weeks we had her back on the road and he had learned a lot and had a lot of fun doing it.  With the help of his brothers we took it out wheeling last week.  We all had so much fun we wanted to share the My Old Four Wheel Drive video below.  The old Willys ran like a champ, only a few small problems and some driver  screw ups!
Willys  Door latch repair , We sell and rebuild willys truck and wagon door latches make the drivers side door latch work right . we can sell you one or repair yours give us a try.
Outer Door Handles also sell and repair and rekey  service  as well as inner door handles and hardware.
This old Willys body and frame has been sitting around a bit to long no one wanted  to take it off my hands and build something out of it so going to see if this Ford 5.0 that came in a few years ago along with the Ford C6 auto transmission  that someone had built and married up to a willys dana 18  two stick transfer case will work out in a 4x4 truck frame and  running gear . mocked it up in a wagon frame  looks like it will work with a few mods. so we will see what happens .  going to leave the outer body mostly as it is and just get it going and see how it goes . . has a mostly strait and solid body. but was striped down at some point . again nice to have lots of parts on hand. will keep you updated . and hope to make a new video soon . the 302 runs sweet. Well this project had to change direction as the sweet running 302 ended up getting sold . and installed in the 61 parkway on my photo gallery page.  So here we go again . Only a Dam fool doesn't change his mind. My dad always said as I have now had a 2 wheel drive strait axel under this project with a 239 Ford flathead V8 sold that . so went to 4x4 302  C 6 auto  photos show but sold that engine as I sad  and now going back to a 2wheel drive strait axle 302 T 5 speed tranny with a Ford 8.8 posi rear end out of a bronco . also up grading the 1948 willys truck strait axel with front end with disc brakes .  the 302 shown. is for mockup  and testing as I am building a mean little 68 Ford Mexican block 302 .  shown on the engine stand calling this one Honcho. as its stamped in the valley of this hard to come by engine Block .  This engine  will be going in this week as the frame is ready go now and will make the forth engine I have had in this frame with out driving it yet . I have  been getting a lot done as I shelter in place With are new life style  . will be updating progress  and photos of this build.  Well its on the road and runs and drives  great verrry fast 
What lifting and re gear on a Toyota   2019 3rd generation Tacoma  suspension lift - up grade   and tires and wheels . 16 inch wheels 285 75 16 Cooper mud terrain  tires  gained  4 1/2 inch lift  overall  . now for  gears replacing the front and real diff . with lockers front and rear  going down to 5.29  that's close to a old willys ratio.  seems crazy but it has a six speed auto tranny like having three overdrives in a old willys so still goes down the freeway  fine with more power for towing and wheeling.

Grave Yard  Digger ?