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Willys super hurricane 226 parts engine  Lets get a look inside,  it looks to have been rebuilt bored .030 over, not much wear but lost a piston pin keeper and put a groove in the cylinder and was left to die with the head off.  Lets hope the insides look a little better as anything we can save on these old hurricane flatheads we can reuse.  Hope we can save the whole thing and hear it run again . . .  Ok after more then a year of finding all the parts to put this back together  found some Keith  black .060 over pistons at a good price summit racing of all places got the rings there as well.  Tracked down a part number  for the rod bearings in  Seal Power got a good price on them as well . so back together at last . Its not recommended to boar these engines .060 over but I just wanted to se these one run again and have a little fun with my old tools . and it didn't clean up at 40 over . So don't  try this at home  but I have seen a few running board at 60  I will keep my fingers crossed 
1960 Willys Wagon Super Hurricane 226 very complete.  This wagon has been sitting a long time, but looks like it was running when parked.  Engine turns over but no compression on two cylinders, looks like a couple valves are stuck open.  Pulled the head to find just that, two valves were stuck open.  Freed the valves all up and all looks good.  Engine is standard bore and no cracks or burnt valves.  With no sign of water in the oil I cleaned it up and put a new head gasket on it and am going to try and run it and check out the rest of the running gear as this is a nice complete orig. 4x4 wagon frame and running gear.  All intact and looks good.  Body is coming off as it is beyond repair. Wagon does have a nice front hood and a pair of fenders that will come in handy as will the complete heater assembly that was still hooked up and holding water. Well it is now back together with the engine and runs good although it needed a new water pump and had a leaking freeze plug.  But it has good even compression on all cylinders and oil pressure is good.  Was able to drive it out of the shop.  Looks to have been parked back in 1988 and it looks like it was just a well-preserved good running engine.  No oil leaks so far, will run it awhile and see how it goes.  Pulled the body off and parted it down to save all good parts.  Checked the rest of the frame and drive train, all seems good.  Tranny and transfer case all seem to be working and sounding good even the speedometer was working.  Will roll the old scrap body out and roll the frame back in the shop, clean it up a bit more, and replace the rear freeze plug then decide what to do next.  I did cut the front body mounts and door stops and a few other good repair parts out and shipped them off to help save a few customers' projects.  Will be saving firewall and a few other good repair panels as well.  Have a complete set of front and rear seats good for repair.  Also saved a few good pieces of orig. glass, chrome trim, and door handles.
57 Willys 4X4 226 Hurricane six  True Survivor  This very nice old truck was a great find out of Oregon very will  preserved dry climate well taken care of. still in good running cond.   Good  truck for a body off restore . Plus came in with extra parts  cab and bed . 
Willys 4X4 Truck 226 Hurricane came in dead and burned out but may be able to be saved we will start by trying to get running and driving and see if the rest of un burned truck is still good. Looks like it was a driver before the fire with its five new tires and looks like the engine had some work done before the fire . and the new 12volt battery looks to have died hard  fire was so hot it melted the vacuum wiper motor and it ended up filling the rear spark plug well with pot metal making a job of getting out the spark plug the  dist. cap coil and wires got a little hot too. but looks like the was saved and should run again .
1953 Willys Cab Rebuild  very good cab to start with some one started to strip it down and  started stripping the paint down to metal as photo shows  frame and what is left of the bed need to go out in the yard and it starting to rain so the cab has to stay in doors . So time to make another cab dolly  have been saving a  little old boat trailer  to make a cab holder - work station so here is what I do on a rainy day with the plasma cuter  and welder and a bit of imagination. Also a new cab lifter would be nice . need room in the shop for the rainy season .  End of the day rat rod photos just for fun .
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. She lives to run again shounds  good know problems yet , Now what to put it in .
1947  Willys 4X4 Flatbed - Camper Special  This truck was just built for fun but is a fully functional 1960 willys 4x4 truck frame and running gear 226 super hurricane engine . cab is a 47 front clip is the later style and bed I made from scrap truck bed parts . All built with used parts from the yard  this old cozy camper will take you back in the woods and time and is always a favorite  at the shows .  always a work in progress and always fun to drive.