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Here are some examples of our latest work. 
Please contact us with your specific requests, from parts to vehicle makeovers.
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Old Work Horse 56 Willys 4X4 One Ton Truck.  This truck came into Willys Truck Warehouse as a parts truck with its engine gutted, running gear missing, and some of its interior missing, but the body was mostly intact and very original.  So it had to be saved and put back together.  That's when its nice to have a lot of parts on hand, like a stock super hurricane 226 flathead engine and original running gear with a pto winch, old winch plow front bumper, and front axle housing all out of a old Willys truck that had the body completely wore out from a hard working life with Cal Trans in the mountains in California.  After it was put back together, it was used here at the Willys Truck Warehouse as a yard truck until its new owner spotted it and had to have it for his ranch in Iowa.  It was a sad day when it was loaded up and shipped off. 
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1956 Harley Orange Willys Pickup.  This was my favorite Willys pickup project to go through the shop. It started out as just a nice parts cab and 4X4 chassy with a pair of matching faded orange rear fenders.  No bed, rear bumper, engine, or running gear.  Your typical old Willys truck, but  only this parts truck had an old faded out Harley orange paint job and was all one color.  Being a Harley fan, I decided I had to make it a Willys harley pickup with out having to paint it, just have fun and repower and rescheme it.  So I converted it to a 2wd using a 2wd Willys pickup straight axle swap, then I repowered with a 1989 5.0 V8 and 5 speed manual transmission.  The rear end is a 1990 Ford F150 8.8 posi.  Once I got started on the Harley theme, with the old panhead tank emblems covering up the 4 wheel drive emblem, holes in the hood and interior, it was as much fun building it as it was driving it!  The 5.0 engine was out of a Mustang drag car and believe me it sounded like it.  It looked mean under the hood with its Edelbrock two four setup, nice aluminum radiator, cleaned up, and rewired it, ended up being a real nice driving truck.  Not geared at all like a Willys, it will go as fast as you dare to go.
1948 Willys Two Wheel Drive Pickup.  This truck came in to Willys Truck Warehouse as a complete 2wd straight axle body and chassis shell.  No motor, transmission or interior, but it had the more inportant things, like nice running boards, nice W/O tailgate, and better than most body.  That was the one good thing for not out beating the trails!  But the not so good thing about this truck was that it had been modifed and chopped up on the dash firewall and floor. It  had Chevy motor mounts added in  and a Chevy car rear end which was poorly installed.  So this truck was already someone's hot rod, maybe more than once.  It needed a lot of cleaning up after the butcher job that had been done to it.  The rest of the body had great patina.  The old primer red 48 sat in the yard for a few years until a good friend of mine and sometimes helper here at the shop, Kirk Cardoza, who had joined in the fun of building the Harley truck, decided he had to have this one.  So we went to work ... on another 302 Ford V8 5 speed swap.  The rear end swap is an 86 Ford Bronco 8.8 posi.  Kirk Cardoza, owner, and the   Willys Truck Warehouse, are still in progress on his Willys two wheel drive 48 pickup, but for now it shows, sounds, and drives, awesome with a thumbs up wherever he goes. 
Big Willy Xtreme Makeover 1959 Willys F250.  Big Willy is now under construction here at the Willys Truck Warehouse.  Nice 59 Willys long bed 91 Ford F250 4X4   
 1956 Willys  289 Ford V8 powwerd 4 X 4

1949 Willys  Jeepster  project , Thanks to Hank  95 year old gear head custom car builder what a pleasure to meet and deal with   Hank  and to see all of his treasures  his garage was a pickers dream .. . with a Willys jeepeter project   saved very well right in the back  . Hank and his family gave me a chance  to take over Hanks project  and get the old willys on the road again  we are starting with  the engine  as it was bad  when he got it over 15 years ago  looks to  be last  registerd  in 1994 , maybe much longer  sence driven . we will up date are progress  as we have a rebuilt 134 go devil ready to drop in and see what the rest of the drive train is like .Well she is up and running  drives nice  went through brakes   and cleaned up the wiring replaced the generator cleaned the tank and some new lines and its on the road again and running gear seams fine.

1961 4X4 Sedan Delivery Parkway conversion  Project  the good its body is almost all there and all the same color . The Bad is that it needs everything . it does have the orig. 226 hurricane engine it  runs but has water in the oil . orig running gear is there but a very crud spring over job has been done. it will all have to go as the axels are the 5.38 ratio. . will need wiring , fuel system  new engine brakes  steering and many donner parts . axels going back where they  should be well be 4. 27 posi. out of another 4x4 sedan delivery also good running super hurricane with warn overdrive is on the list .  as this cool panel is going back on the road and trails . Well keep you up dated on progress.  Welding and remounting and more welding this old panel was real used hard but the body is still better then most had to come up with and replace both front and rear body panels and come up with some front and rear bumpers and brackets going painted on all the bumpers cleaning up some old stuff . will fit the rest of its hard worked patina.  going to clean up the inside as it was gutted as well . got all the doors and barn doors working and locking . well be wireing it up and taking it for a ride soon . This delivery will be up for sale after we take it wheeling as it is all current on its registration.  if interested shot me a email. Sold but new owner wants a small block Ford engine installed so back in the shop for now.
1961 willys sedan delivery  Grave Digger ?   Old 4x4 Delivery body been around the yard a long time just waiting to get back up off the ground .  So Grave Digger lives going on a lifted re powered old willys 4x4 wagon frame that has been modified  in many ways . engine is a 1965 ford 289 V 8  with a C4 auto. tranny  adapted  to the willys two stick dana 18 transfer case.  So the old body is back up off the ground again way off the ground  a good 9 inches  and moving on its own again  that's good for now . in progress or for sale.  keep you posted.